Weiser Recycling Inc...

Weiser Recycling, Inc. offers industrial containerized pick-up service for all of Southeastern Michigan. Whether your business generates a regular output of scrap metal, or you are considering a plant clean up and disposition of obsolete equipment we can provide all of the equipment and service that you need.

Since we operate one of the largest full-service scrap processing facilities in the area, we command the highest prices for all of our finished products. As a result we can pay the most competitive prices for all types of scrap metal regardless of volume or condition.

Please call us to schedule a personal appointment or phone consultation so that one of our professionals can help evaluate the best scrap program for your business.

Phone: (734) 721-2056

We Serve the
Following Industries:

  • Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Contractors and Tradesmen
  • Obsolete Machinery and Equipment
  • Automotive Service and Repair
  • Household and Personal
  • Warehouse Cleanouts
  • Appliance Store Trade Ins
  • Lawn and Garden Power Equipment
  • School and Office Equipment; Computers
  • Excavating and Piping Equipment
  • Cell Phone Tower Recycling

The Weiser Difference

In today's world where the environment is a top priority, it is essential that everyone does their part to contribute to the success of the green movement. At Weiser Recycling, we believe it is critical to properly and safely dispose of all materials that we handle. Through our state of the art sorting and recycling center, we ensure that all items are recycled appropriately and no product will be delivered or placed into a landfill. At Weiser Recycling, we encourage the community to recycle all household metals (i.e.; Stainless steel pans, metal wiring, iron plumbing), which can quickly add up to extra funds for the family. The Weiser Difference is a simple way to protect the environment while paying you to do it. Our scale employees happily educate our many loyal and longtime customers on scrapping and how to differentiate the wide variety of metals available to the public. We also offer Weiser Water bottles to hydrate our customers after a long day of scrapping.

Weiser Recycling at Home

At Weiser Recycling, we utilize our enormous scrap pile to sort and process all of your household metals. Do you have an assortment of items waiting to go somewhere after cleaning out your garage, shed, or basement? You found an old grill, a few cut extension cords, a rusted metal shelf, old mismatched tools or many other items that you're just not sure what to do with? You tried to sell it at the garage sale but had no takers. At Weiser Recycling, we accept all of these pesky items that seem to be just taking up your valuable space. As long as it has metal, we will weigh it and pay you cash for each and every pound of items that you bring to us. Whether it is an old lawn mower or lawn tools, an old and rusty kids bike, an old artificial Christmas tree, or a broken down treadmill, we will guarantee a profit for you. These items may seem to be unusable and impossible to resell, but it is a treasure to you and us. All those pounds add up and before you know it, you have accumulated enough savings for a new family item, or a night out.

Getting the kids involved by teaching them what is recyclable is a great lesson to them and can also teach them to save money for their future. After a few months of saving you will be surprised to see how much recyclable material you can accumulate, which is a great learning experience for the family. An old car battery can weigh 40 pounds, an old refrigerator can weigh up to 200 pounds, and if you brought in 100 pounds a month and keep that fund for a year, it will quickly add up and surprise you. One of our long time customer's kids saved enough small items to recycle and was able to pay for a week of summer camp and a new bike. The best part is you bring it all to us and we take care of the mess and you leave with cash in your hand.

Ferrous Vs. Non-Ferrous

In the recycling industry, there are a multitude of metals and materials that present themselves to the public and our business. One of the ways we categorize and sort these materials is through the separation of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. Within the scientific table of elements, Fe represents the element Iron, hence the origin of the term Ferrous. Ferrous metals contain Iron, which produce a natural magnetism and offer a stronger material for building large structures and maintaining heavier loads. Non-Ferrous metals (i.e.; Copper, Brass and Aluminum) do not contain Iron and are more commonly used in household products such as faucets, plumbing, and door handles. Weiser Recycling prides itself on properly sorting and recycling these materials so they can be reused accordingly with minimal waste.

Theft Prevention

Weiser Recycling is also on the forefront of anti-theft technology and assisting law enforcement agencies with theft prevention. We keep thorough documentation of our seller transactions and are in constant contact with the local, county, and state police to diligently maintain the term "Honest Scrapper" for our business and customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Southeastern Detroit businesses, large and small, with fast and convenient service at the most fair and competitive prices. With drive-up services that get you in and out and fully paid in no time, we have loyal customers visiting our facility several times a day! They know "we treat you right today, tomorrow, and beyond!" Our goal is to make you a customer for life.